Hello Ingress Agents!

I’m ModularModular, I’m a L16 Resistance Agent out of Denver, Colorado, and I really love designing Ingress swag! This is my shop of fun swag stuff for Ingress Agents, I hope you have fun looking around. I ship worldwide, please pay attention to the instructions on the listings, and if you need to talk to me feel free to reach out at @modularmodular on Telegram.

Field Test

Who had fun at Field Test on September 14th challenging your agent chops and Ingress Prime? I sure did, so I designed a bunch of fun things! Apparel will be available indefinitely and ships within 1-2 weeks, and the smaller items will be available till September 23rd and will ship late October/November. Pickup will be available at the Taoyuan City, Taiwan anomaly on October 12th, place your order through MandoMerch if you would like to do that.

Field Test Swag Bundle
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Stickers are some of my favorite swag items, so I designed a bunch of silly Ingress ones! These are all in stock and will ship immediately.

Hexagon Stickers
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Glyph Stickers
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Handmade Items

When I’m not playing Ingress, I like to make stuff! Here you’ll find a few special handmade Ingress items, like backpacks and pouches. These are a mix of made-to-order and ready to ship.

Made to Order - Drawstring Backpacks
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